You say nugget, I say smeat!

Yes it is called shmeat. But what is it? Technically, it is meat cells grown in a test tube. Yes, meat in a test tube.

But you ask, what ARE meat cells? Meat cells  are muscle cells that have been developed from stem cells in animals.  They are cultured to become muscle cells and then, tissue. Therefore, if you want nuggets, you would take stem cells from chicken and try to create breast meat. You want steak? Stem cells from cattle and so on…  So far, the only shmeat that has been  produced is a layer of meat cells that are only a few centimeters across.

Interestingly, they have progressed from creating this tissue by using blood/animal products, to developing a system that utilizes a cyanobacterium as the nutrient and energy source to grow the meat.  Cyanobacteria hydrolysate  utilizes light and carbon dioxide for growth. Essentially, we could create meat using  photosynthesis.

The first real product to be made? Sausage. Smeat Sausage. One of my friends wonders if it is going to taste like shmit.

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