Student suspended for sharing antibiotics.

Yesterday a Harnett County middle school student was suspended for giving some of her antibiotics to a friend. The student was given a prescription of antibiotics for a sinus infection and “other ailments”. When she got to school she:

gave a pill to her friend, who says he had a hurt foot and thought the antibiotic might help.

So, I see at least three problems with the scenario above, based on our last conversation…

1. Most sinus infections are caused by viruses. I am not her doctor and do not know her other symptoms, but too often doctors rely on antibiotics to treat a patient with something to get them out the door.

2. Giving even ONE pill of her prescription away means that the student will not take the full dose.

From the American College of Physicians:

The most common misuse and abuse of antibiotics are:

  • Physicians prescribing antibiotics for viral infections
  • Not finishing the full dosage of the antibiotic. When an antibiotic prescription is not finished (even leaving one or two pills), it leaves some bacteria alive and “resistant” to future antibiotic treatment.

3. Last, but in no way least: Giving another person antibiotics because his foot hurt.  This is why we have antibiotic resistant superbugs EVERYWHERE.

P.S. yes, sometimes the headlines just write themselves.

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