Really great website on how herd immunity works and DATA on Vaccines

This is taken from NOVA and PBS regarding how herd immunity works to protect. This is a great article discussing vaccines and vaccination.

But most importantly is the accumulated evidence compiled by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This lists study after study of evidence based research that concludes that autism is not caused by vaccines.

Lastly, I want to discuss, Andrew Wakefield, the former doctor (he had his license revoked) who described the so-called link to vaccines:

  • His published study has never been able to be reproduced by scientists who tried to verify his findings.
  • All of his fellow authors on the papers have removed their names from the paper, and the paper was retracted from the Lancet, and cited as having information that was deliberately falsified.
  • It was proven that the children in his study (a total of 12 children), and none of them actually had inflammatory bowl disease.
  • Wakefield had established a:

┬áventure “was to be launched off the back of the vaccine scare, diagnosing a purported — and still unsubstantiated — ‘new syndrome,'” BMJ reported Tuesday. A prospectus for potential investors suggested that a test for the disorder Wakefield dubbed “autistic enterocolitis” could produce as much as 28 million pounds ($43 million U.S.) in revenue, the journal reported, with “litigation driven testing” of patients in the United States and Britain its initial market.

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