Rabid Moose?

Twelve people were vaccinated after exposure to a rabid moose. This is the first time I have ever seen the report of a rabid moose. That is a lot of rabid. And this also just goes to show that rabies can infect ANY warm blooded animal.

The report just indicated that a forester and a game specialist saw a moose in distress along the side of a road in Russia. They carted the moose home (did you know the average size of a moose is anywhere from 400 to 1500 pounds-depending on how old and if it is a bull or female moose?) and then proceeded to dissect the moose for information on why it was sick. Then they turned it over to animal control who then told them it had died from rabies.

Everyone was vaccinated, the two original transporters were hospitalized just in case. I am wondering if they ate some….I am not sure what to do about treatment after consumption of a rabid animal.

And I know you are wondering, and yes, vaccinating after exposure to a rabid animal normally gives a completely protective immune response to the virus.

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