More evidence that we live on an Earth that is a literal microbial village.

Antibiotic resistant strains of Shigella sonnei are showing up around the world, US, Australia, Europe and Asia. Researchers in Vietnam have been able to track isolates from a survey of resistant organisms identified around the world to a specific clade of bacteria that appears to have developed  in South Asia. A clade is “a group of organisms believed to have evolved from a common ancestor“. This particular strain of S. sonnei has common mutations in its genetic code that has indicated a common clonal emergence (all the bacteria in the study were investigated using whole genome sequencing).

It appears that 80% of the isolates studied were obtained from travelers to India.  This particular strain of S. sonnei had developed multi-drug resistance but have specifically developed resistance to the type of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones, with the antibiotic Cipro, being the most notable member. Cipro is the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for a S. sonnei gastroenteritis.

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