Katie and antibiotic overuse

Katie Couric had a nice segment on the over use of antibiotics on the news last night. Basically it stated that we are giving animals antibiotics in order to grow them at high densities, higher profits (=low quality of life). People who work with these animals and who consume them are seeing higher levels of antibiotic resistant bacterial infections, especially with  MRSA (methicillin resistant Staph aureus) infections.

Products sampled from farms not using antibiotics did not have MRSA  infections, could not detect MRSA in their products.

The take home message? Shelly Hearne from the Pew Campaign On Human Health and Industrial Farming:

“If the bacteria becomes resistant to antibiotics, it can actually spread in many ways,” Hearne said. “It could be in the food supply, but it also can be in waters that runoff in a farm. It could be in the air. It can happen very quickly in many different ways. It’s why it’s a practice that has to stop on the farms.”

It was a nice article, lots of information.

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