How to prevent disease 101

Wash your hands. It is true – the best, most effective and easiest way to prevent disease is to wash your hands. Really. Just wash them. Wash them after getting off of the bus. Wash them before eating food (like yo momma told you). Wash them after going to the grocery store (where you picked up that package of raw chicken, and then fondled your tomatoes).

I love it when a student sends me a link to a news articles they think I might like. One such student, Joe, just sent me this article from the New York Times regarding hand washing. The tone of the article implies that most people don’t wash their hands following a trip the the bathroom. What it is saying in reality is that Braves fans are nasty. Male Braves fans.  Heh.

Only about two-thirds of the men observed washed their hands after using the restroom at Turner Field — the lowest rate for any of the locations cited in the observational study.

But still, that is two-thirds, up from previous years. The article goes on to say that 98% of women at Turner Field washed their hands. So, Braves fans, you need to step up your man’s game.

In other places, the rate was about 85%, the highest rate since the study began in 1996.

To sum up: wash your hands.

Additionally, you don’t need to use antibacterial soap. It is no better than good old regular soap. It is the length of time that is important. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recommends singing “Happy Birthday” twice  (10-15 seconds) to be most effective.

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