Happy New Year, and welcome to the year of the microbe

I am making predictions in this first post of the new year. I have a pretty strong suspicion that microorganisms are going to be in the headline in a much more dominant way this year.

The reasons? Let’s just start with these as three  examples:

1. The plasmid called NDM-1 (New Dehli Metallo-beta-lactamase 1) can confer antibiotic resistance to almost ALL antibiotics to any bacteria that picks it up.

2. It was just announced that 12 cases of  TDR-TB (Totally drug-resistant Tuberculosis) have appeared in India.

3. The scientific community is at odds over the possible publication of the sequence of the flu virus (generated experimentally)  that could be transmissible between humans.

So gird your immunological loins, it may be a rough year….and welcome to 2012!

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