Great TED Talk about the human Microbiome by Rob Knight

Rob Knight is a pioneer in studying the human microbiome, and his TED Talk “How Our Microbes Make Us Who We Are” was all about just how important the microbiome is, how antibiotics may be altering important aspects of how it is supposed to function, as well as how heĀ is using his lab to study how the microbiome changes over the course of a newborn’s life. It was amazing. I especially thought the aspects of how the microbiome makes us fat or thin was especially intriguing. I may stop dieting, and go searching for “skinny” microbiota….

As a matter of fact, it is so amazing, I signed up to become part of his research, the American Gut Project! For $99, I am getting my microbiome sequenced (using 16S ribosomal sequencing techniques). I will send him a sample of my microbiota (yes…that sample), and a detailed description of the food I eat, and what I do.

I will post more on the results when they come in!

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