Carolina, we are looking at you….study investigates inappropriate prescriptions

A study conducted by the¬†Carolinas HealthCare System investigated almost 449,000 visits to¬† urgent care, family medicine, internal medicine and pediatric practices. They focused on “outpatient visits for common upper respiratory conditions that should not require antibiotics.”

The take-home:

  1. There were over 400 prescriptions per 1000 visits. Remember NONE of these cases should have required a prescription.
  2. In treating adults, white patients were more likely than any other race to receive antibiotics.
  3. In treating children, older providers (aged 51-60) were 4x more likely to prescribe antibiotics to children than younger providers (< 30 years).
  4. Physician’s assistants and nurse practitioner’s were 15% more likely to prescribe antibiotics over a physician.


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